Seeing is believing. Challenge yourself.

That’s what I would like to say. Challenge yourself. What do you want to achieve? Everything? Well, if you can see it, then it’s possible. I really believe that’s the truth. That’s all I can say. I believed I could work as a mediaprofessional. And I did.

After working as a reporter for several national broadcasting stations, DJ at a popular radiostation, Television host, editor at a magazine …I decided to start something new. I left Holland and lived in New York City, USA to work as a freelance photographer. It was great. Everything is possible, as long as you believe.

When I came back to Holland the next thing happened. Together with my dear brother, we had à wish… To produce a no-budget motion picture. We did and and even won an award with our movie. Again, If you can see it… Well, then it’s possible to achieve it. Sounds easy huh? Gotta put some effort in it tho. To inspire young people with healthy ambitions, I started some new media-projects. I shared knowledge and it gave me a lot of energy. And now? It’s almost 2012 and it’s time to create something new. And since we’re living in a sharing society, I want to share my experiences in creating even before the creating has started. Let’s share thoughts.

January 2012 is next. Big things are coming up and I’m involving you. Because you matter. I matter. We matter. Create energy. Believe in yourself. Believe in me. Believe in us. Make it happen.


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