Edik and Yaya

In a village
Father and son
Were painting the fence
As beauty walked by
That’s the girl, that’s the one
Father said
The son whistled at her
Saying: ‘Hey, it’s me!’
She smiled, a blush
and after a while
They got married

Then the war came
He became a soldier
And fought
She, a tomboy,
– once killed a shark
with her bare hands –
Had her own battlefield
being a soldiers wife
As this family was forced
To live somewhere else
not their homeland

They are no more
and made this land
their own
my own
And today
They are immortal
For I exist


In Loving Memory
Ledrik ‘Edy’ Timisela 1925 – 2001
Johanna ‘Yaya’ Frederika Leatemia 1924 – 1999

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