Midnight hour

I am writing this blogpost in the midnight hour. Why? Because I can. This was an Utrecht week. Had a nice dinner with the friends of Vrede Van Utrecht for the closing of this year. Also had some work to do for Kosmopolis Utrecht and Eiland8 in the district Kanaleneiland. Plus a couple of meetings concerning a brand new multimedia concept and the other parties (i.e. broadcasting station, radio station etc.) were feeling very positive about the whole idea. To be continued.

Furthermore my brother Joshua and I, finally picked up where we left off as The Brothers Timisela. Last year we produced the motion picture Sterk and the documentary Ihamahu. We are very proud to announce that there will be a new documentary coming up April 2012. Made possible by BUAT. Updates will be posted on this Facebook page.

In closing I would like to say that there are a few deadlines to catch this month. But I’ll make it. Did I already mentioned I wrote a short story which will be published in the 3rd edition of Hoda Magazine? And that I did a photoshoot in Hilversum with a talented journalist? Read all about it in this glossy magazine which will be released January 26th, 2012.

I’m going to edit some photography for my documentary Dutch Streets and read some Bukowski before I go to sleep.  Because photography in combination with Bukowski at the Midnight Hour gives me some inner peace. Take care, thanks for visiting my blog and drop your comment. Much appreciated.


A scene from ‘how is your heart’ by Charles Bukowski

and to walk across the floor
to an old dresser with a
cracked mirror –
see myself, ugly,
grinning at it all.

what matters most is
how well you
walk through the

3 responses to “Midnight hour

  1. Wow Henry, was this your first blog and am I the happiest person on earth who is able to give you the first comment? Well done, my friend! Hope to see you soon somewhere in between Amsterdam, the Mediapark & Tiel.
    Greetz, Sabrina

    • Thank you Sabrina. No, it’s not my first blogpost. If you hit the button ‘previous post’ down below or click on my name up above, you’ll find more Posts. Thanks again for your kind words and perhaps we will meet again my friend!

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