The Theater called Life

Life is a Theater by Henry Timisela

In a way, life is a theater. Some of us have front row seats. Some of us like to watch it all happen from a distance. You might want to have the lead in this beautiful play. In that case you just make sure you carry your own backstagepass in this Theater called Life. So. Buy your tickets now! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Don’t miss it out. You might regret it. Play!

Have a good one.


2 responses to “The Theater called Life

  1. HI HoneyHenry, thank you for the invitation wich makes it possible to follow you in your creative explorations in the richment of this coloutful life. Take your chances and believe in yourself. Our roots always shall surround us and give us te natural blessings. Dan Tuhan memberkati nyong xxx Nona S.

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