Thanks, you are great!

Into the Light - Henry TimiselaMy first post was on the 1st of December. Yes. This month. Glad I did. It’s nice. Almost a month later I have followers on WordPress, Facebook and Twitter, responding on this blog. I would like to thank you for all the nice comments and support. You’re great! I also asked you some topics to write about.

So Milko, a good friend of mine, asked me to write something on why nice guys always finish last. Good one! It sure has to do with Girls and their ‘Bad Boy Syndrom‘. And if you, as a guy, are confident enough to tell a girl you are not interested in her. Yeah, you heard me. That you, the guy, is the one who is in control, hahaha. Milko and I used to made some cabaret together while we were students. This was a topic and we tried this tactic on quite some females. We weren’t always the nice guys we seemed back then. Rather cocky and funny. But having a goal. To get that girl. Perhaps this is a good article to read. It says why Girls like Bad Boys instead of the Nice guys. Thanks Milko, we are older now. I hope we’ve improved.

Lucy gave me a topic on how to write about culture in each and every way. That’s a good one too. When I take my culture for example, which are The Maluku Islands, I find my balance in being Dutch, living in Holland, but not forgetting my roots. They make me a stronger person. That’s why I am proud of my Moluccan heritage and culture. And it doesn’t make me less Dutch. On the contrary, personality grows by accepting the best of both worlds. Thanks Lucy.

You are great, keep pouring these topics.


PS. For those celebrating Christmas, enjoy!

4 responses to “Thanks, you are great!

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  2. love this post and the photo too – amazing – I am really enjoying seeing the world through your eyes and the lens of your camera – I too love photography and video – would love to see your doc when finished – and in the meantime will enjoy jearing about your journey of completing of it. Loved the brothers story too.

    • Thank you so much Lou! Just don’t know what to say. Like I said in this post, I just started blogging and these comments are keeping my engine burning… I’m glad I discovered your blog 🙂

      About the doc, I sure will keep you posted!

      Told my brother about your blog and about this positive energy. Let’s keep that spirit alive and kicking!

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