What I do

Henry ViolinWhat I do. The title of this blogpost. It should have been ‘What I did’. So I could write about the things I’ve done in 2011. Such like the photodocumentary Dutch Streets, about daily Dutch live as we know it. Or perhaps I could write about Maluku Mokro Connexion 2, an event in Utrecht about youth and identity. Maybe I would mention the filmdocumentary Ihamahu, which we made in August this year. About a man in his quest towards finding his roots. I did a whole lot more. Like meeting people and making new friends. That was just awesome and even better than all the projects I worked on. Because the future depends on people. So… yeah. I would mention it all. I am grateful for the new experiences, but the blogpost title isn’t ‘What I did’.

It has to be ‘What I do’. Then the following sentence would probably be: ‘Reinvent myself’. For example, I never played violin before, but I wanted it. So I taught myself some melodies and, as I may say, I’m doing pretty well. Now, I really want to learn to play cello too. And I will play that instrument. It’s just a clear goal which soon will be accomplished. Music kept the engine burning in 2011, and still will in 2012. Music. I need it and I will share it. I have some more goals to achieve and I will keep you updated on this spot. Thank you for visiting this blog once in a while. I really appreciate it. Please post your comments where you think they are necessary.

It’s almost 2012. The way I see it, and by the way things are going right now, I think I am still improving. Learing everyday. New goals to achieve. Note to self: Love more. Share more. Learn more. Be a better person. I’m trying. So in closing, I want to wish you all love, luck and happiness. May you be surrounded by prosperity, wisdom and be blessed abundantly. Think positive, always.

Have a great year.



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