Do the ‘write’ thing


I would like to welcome the new friends on this page. Thank you for the support. You give me the inspiration to write, do photography and work on creative concepts. It’s what I like the most. And when you travel by yourself, at least for me it is, the ideas keep on pouring like a rainy Dutch afternoon. I got inspired by this thing we call Timeline. If it’s on your Facebook, Twitter or history books, it’s all pretty much the same.

So I made my own personal Timeline. I tried to answer the questions. For fun, because it helps me to see the past. But more important, how do I see the future more bright. I guess it’s clear. Questions like: when did I moved from my hometown, my first girlfriend, the job I wanted so much, the friends I’ve lost, the day I broke my leg, that basketballgame where I made 7 threepointers, the political struggle for human rights on the Moluccan Islands, who I’ve disappointed, did I apologize, my first band Anne-Marie, the day my brother graduated, the girl that never called back, the first appartment in Rotterdam, coaching students during an international mediacourse, working the late night shift as a radiodeejay… I answered the questions, made my Timeline and realized:

I did the right thing.

Count on yourself. Count your blessings. Have faith.


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