Surprise yourself

Just the other day I read on a wall: ‘You attract what you give attention to‘. Interesting, right? I accepted this as a sign. Guess what? I made a list of things I give attention to. Really? Yes, I did. I’ll share it with you. Here goes. Why? I want to find out whether I attract them or not. Ok.

Let me see. I give attention to: positivity, love, fun, photography, meeting people, writing, my friends, the girl, the supporters, my family, vulnerability, spirituality, this thing other people call work, being succesful, happiness, health, music, The Sun… Not in this particular order and I hope I got the quote right. If not, I prefer my own definition. Ok.

After writing this list down in my journal, I looked upon the sky and the Sun. I smiled. Again, I had a good look at this list. And I surprised myself while controlling my thoughts. I discovered that perfection not only lies in doing things perfectly. Perfection is also about…

letting go and losing yourself.

Another lesson learned. Letting go and losing yourself. It’s so attractive and still perfect.



3 responses to “Surprise yourself

    • I don’t know. All I know is that emptiness can be beauty too. It’s more a matter of perspective. You prefer emptiness as a negative concept. I understand beauty in every detail of life.

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