Coming in from the cold

I feel good. Yes, I do. And I was listening to a song that makes me happy. ‘Coming in from the cold‘ by Bob Marley. That’s all I have to say for todays blogpost. That’s so wonderful about blogging. You can write about the little things you appreciate in life.

Yes, I put this song on repeat when I was leaving the office. On my way home, as I was feeling the snow underneath my shoes and the cold wind in my face, it came to me. This is going to be a great year. Uncle Bob’s positive vibrations did their job, and I experienced  a victorious feeling. It’s February now and I get inspiration from the people I meet, the people I love, the music I listen too, the music I love to play. Also. The pictures I take. The stories I hear. The images I remember. And. The questions that are keeping me awake. And the hope for an ever brighter tomorrow makes me sleep well.

A friend asked me the other day: ‘Don’t you ever feel down, or like, very pessimistic?’. I answered: ‘Yes. Ofcourse there are days that I don’t feel that good. Like I want to punch someone in the face. Hell yeah. But it’s better to laugh about it’. Or as the British essayist Oliver Goldsmith would say:

“The best way to make your audience laugh is to start laughing yourself”

So, obviously today we are coming in from the cold. We should not complain like the cold-cold-hearted people. The cold might hurt. Yeah. And in life you might get hurt. That’s a fact. So the cold is reminding us of the better days ahead. But while you’re at it, try to enjoy. Laugh. In this life… in this ooh.. sweet life… we are coming in from the cold.


2 responses to “Coming in from the cold

  1. I was just having a rainy day walk with a through the woods with a friend, who was just discussing the “do you ever feel down,” question.
    Cheers to you.

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