Wine is bottled poetry

Have you already seen this picture? No? Then you probably haven’t visited my page on Facebook yet. Oh, you did? Okay, in that case you read some comments in Dutch or Indonesian or Malayu… and they were all about the opening of my brother Joshua’s exhibition yesterday. You should see his work. Check his blog. It’s awesome. The text is in Dutch, but the images speak for themselves. You can see his paintings till April 13th in Ludwig Coffee Bar in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

And, yesterday was my parents’ 35th anniversary. Yep, you read it well. 35. We celebrated it at the opening of my brother’s exhibition. It was great. I received lots of sweet comments and messages online and IRL and I would like to thank you all for being so kind! It means a lot to me. My mom, dad, my brother and his girlfriend had a great day! And me? Ofcourse I was smiling all day. Duh. So, you could say it was very exciting. I met new people, laughed with my family and had wine with friends. It couldn’t be better. Oh yeah, the food was good. The wine too.

The day after I discovered I didn’t had a hangover. I never had one actually, so I guess I’m a lucky guy. Mmm, I didn’t had much wine, or did I? Anyways, I woke up, put on some of my favorite music and rewinded that day that made a difference in life. I realized that this exhibition was created through some positive connection. Sounds strange? It isn’t. This is the story:

Two months ago, I met my old colleague Sanne from Radio FunX. She tweeted about it. A friend of Sanne, named Sunita, read this tweet. And she was looking for artists who would like to show their work in a cool hotspot. So she tweeted me asking me if I knew such an artist. I retweeted it my brother Joshua. And he called the owner of the hotspot. Voila. It almost sounds like poetry.

Bottomline. We are connected. Let’s make this world a better place.


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