Go fast or go far

There’s an old African proverb that says if you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Sometimes I think: “We have to go far, quickly.” But then again, that African proverb shows power and survived many generations. So I stick to that wisdom.

The other day I took this picture while strolling through the beautiful Dutch landscapes. The moment I captured this moment, I already knew… I would love this photograph. The day after when I uploaded it to my Facebook Page, I headed for an inspirational meeting concerning a new radiostation, and it was great. Soon I will be having a show on the (internet)radio and I’m really looking forward. And tonight I will be hosting a radioshow in Amsterdam at another radiostation, with lots of live music and interviews. Check the frequency on Oras Media or when you live in Amsterdam, be sure you hit your radio at 20:00 o’ clock. Sharp.

I would like to mention that I started my radio career at this station. And still am grateful for that. It offered me the opportunity to work for national broadcasting stations such as FunX FM, BNR Newsradio and NTR.

I learned a lot back then. And I’m still learning, right now. I can now call myself a cultural entrepreneur and media-professional. My clients ask me to give workshops on (social) media and diversity. I develop communication strategies and help artists finding their way in marketing their own brand.

To get back on the African proverb. I love radio, photography and writing. I do this alone. Therefore I think go fast. But I want to go far, so I think… I need you.


Oh yeah, thank you for the comments on that TV interview which I had a couple of years ago. They decided to put a rerun on television, I didn’t even knew. It’s funny to see how I thought about some things back then, and how I achieved them today.

12 responses to “Go fast or go far

  1. te gek njadu ik wens je heel veel sucses je hebt zoveel talent en je kan dit ook goed combineren veel geluk in alles wat je wil bereiken
    Aloha A Hui Hou inOlelo hawaiiana ……Amatooooooo
    Pualani Maksoer-Ella
    di Waisamoe
    Nusa Ina

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