THE 34.

I couldn’t get much sleep last night. Yes, it’s my birthday. Yes, I hosted a radioshow yesterday after a long time being away from behind the studiomic. Yes, friends and family already sent me sweet messages right after 12:01am. Adrenaline. I am excited. I am not really a guy who keeps several lists with specific data. But this is my birthday and I will make an exception. If you think you know me, here’s even more…

THE 34.

  1. Today is my 34th birthday and I am making a list.
  2. My best childhood memory is horsebackriding with my father everytime he got home from work.
  3. Yesterday I felt like a 12 year old, excited for his birthday.
  4. I have been keeping a journal ever since I was 14.
  5. I got contactlenses when I was 18. A whole new world.
  6. My first band Anne-Marie was a skate-punk-garage-NYC hardcore band. Guitar.
  7. I’ve been to Maluku, my mothersland, for several times. Homecoming.
  8. I love the magic of travelling solo.
  9. I get excited when I’m busy with radio, writing, photography and music. Random order.
  10. I started working as an editor for Veronica Magazine when I was 19.
  11. Besides Dutch, I also speak my mothers language fluently. Which is Bahasa Malayu-Maluku. I had great conversations with my grandparents.
  12. 12 years old. Everybody was in love with the most beautiful girl in school. So was I.
  13. I am not telling you everything. Perhaps later on. Lucky you.
  14. I became program leader for a national radio station at age 26.
  15. Between 2004 and 2009, I worked for national television, radio and print media.
  16. I had a great time working as a photographer in New York City, USA.
  17. Being a teacher and coaching young people is a great job. I enjoy this.
  18. I enjoy playing music. Since my father plays violin, I started to learn and play that instrument too. I play keys, bass, guitar, ukulele, violin and I love to sing. Karaoke too.
  19. Once I travelled with my brother Joshua. We didn’t had a plan and took the train. We ended up in Cologne, Basel, Zürich, Chiasso, Genova, Milan, Rome (Almost Pisa), Marseille, Barcelona, Girona, hitchhiking to Perpignan, Paris, Brussels and back to Rotterdam.
  20. I am glad this is a 34 list. I love to share experiences.
  21. I once travelled in an old Mercedes to the south of Morocco. Sat on a camel and watched sunset with the Atlas mountains in the horizon. Tea in the Sahara.
  22. I had a beard at age 22.
  23. Point guard. The best position in my favorite sport. Basketball. My personal record is 10 threepointers in one game. I was on fire. And 17.
  24. Once in a while I get my basketball and work the court. Street Style.
  25. No money, but making an awardwinning motion picture. I did it.
  26. I love gadgets and I am a nerd.
  27. Photography. I don’t care how expensive the camera is. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  28. I do more than I think. I do more than I think I do.
  29. I know to live with less than nothing. I am free.
  30. I am my pen. I am my eyes. I am my voice.
  31. I love my parents. I cherish every moment with them.
  32. I have a soulmate. He is seven years younger. And my advisor. My brother Joshua.
  33. I love you. Everytime I said it, I meant it.
  34. I am 34. I feel blessed.



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