About the bigger picture

Tradition is the illusion of permanance by Henry Timisela
I write. I write about the things that come across me. Sometimes it’s something to think about. Other times are just to bring a smile on your face. Or mine. Enough. I write to see things better. And if my writings raise questions, then my mission is accomplished. I like to interact. Tell me what you think. Let’s inspire each other. Todays photograph tells me something about tradition. Tell me what you think. I took this picture in Den Bosch, The Netherlands.

And today? It was a misty morning. Earlier on I mentioned photographs of misty mornings in a blogpost. I like the mist, because it helps me to see things better. So a friend of mine stated: ‘How come someone being so friendly and positive, likes grey and sad pictures?’ I can only answer that sometimes we need mist and even darkness to determine the healing powers of light. And in the end, we need both to see the bigger picture. Yes, to see the bigger picture we need both. It’s already an exciting journey. And there’s quite a road to go, but I’m fearless, willing and able.


My focus is on the bigger picture.


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