Perhaps you already knew, but I love radio. Yes, I really do. Between 2001 and 2009 I was on air at national/regional radiostations as a journalist, discjockey and program leader. It was great and I enjoyed that time. After a while I decided to challenge myself in the field of photography and film. And that’s awesome too! I like diversity in the things I do and I enjoy it to the fullest. But… I apply the lessons learned in radio on daily bases. If radio was a woman I’d probably marry her right away.

Last week I got invited to host a radioshow in Amsterdam and I was excited to return behind the mic. It turned out to be a great show with interviews, good music and a lot of fun. Which of course is the most important. Since having fun keeps me happy and sharp, I decided to host a show for an online radiostation. Right now I’m  composing a playlist with the music I love. Friends and family gave me some musical input. I would like to thank them for the support. This is what I (love to) do.

Starting from next Monday, February 27th, somewhere online… I’ll be back! I’m looking forward and will keep you posted for the exact online locations.

“Radio is the theater of the mind; television is the theater of the mindless”
Steve Allen – American comic (1921 – 2000)

I guess Steve is right. There was a time when I did some televison, but I discovered that radio is far more me. So. I’m rehearsing solo  in the studio right now and can’t wait to till Monday. Follow me on Twitter @HenryTimisela

This is fun.


7 responses to “Radio

  1. Good to hear you still enjoy the microphone. I still look back fondly on the time I’ve spent with community radio, it’s particularly special to be able to share the music you love with a wide range of folks.

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