Every child is an artist

Inner child by Henry TimiselaThe moment I took this photograph, I thought about the inner child inside us all. Just like the great Pablo Picasso said:

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up’

It’s not that I’m avoiding grown-up problems, no… As far as I’m concerned I challenge them without fear and with unlimited passion. And when there is doubt, I think it’s good. And exciting, because when you are in doubt… do something. I repeat. When in doubt, do something. Because I believe doubt is the father of invention. So when there is doubt I tend to let the inner child speak. Play. Create. Or take photographs like this one. It are moments like these, I remember the blessings of a careless childhood.

Let’s play. Go. Create.


View the original post on my photography project Dutch Streets

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