Wanted: Cello Lessons


I call myself a cultural entrepreneur. I feel blessed because I love what I do, and I even get paid for it. Whether it is photography, writing or filming. It’s awesome. But there is more, and I will let you in on a little secret.

I had a strange experience last year. I woke up early and all I could hear was a certain melody and a specific sound. It kept playing in my mind all the time. I tried to recognize it, but I couldn’t. I played the melody on guitar and piano, but it just wasn’t the same. Are you still with me? Ok.

About a month later. I was strolling through a load of YouTube video’s, when I stumbled upon some vidz of a great cellist, called Yo-Yo Ma. I was fascinated. And about that same time, relieved. Why? Because I knew it. This is the sound. The sound I was looking for.

3 months later. I have a cello now. And it feels good. I am looking for a teacher and I will keep you posted on al new musical developments. So. This feels like a brand new journey. This is different. I am excited on another level. This is new for me.

Question. Do you have, or do you know people, who have a mutual experience? I would like to share thoughts with you.

Be blessed.


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