Cloud Nine

This blogpost is about ‘Cloud Nine’. There is something about this proverb. I decided to find out what’s the story behind this magic number. Here’s what I got. Are you ready?

In a state of blissful happiness.

An explanation is that the phrase derives from Buddhism and that Cloud Nine is one of the stages of the progress to enlightenment of a Bodhisattva (one destined to become a Buddha).

I guess I’m on Cloud Nine these days. I feel good. Well balanced. Just fine. I think my blog is on Cloud Nine too. I’ve been blogging since December 2011 and I love and appreciate the comments on my posts.

So here’s what I’m going to do. I’ve picked the best read 9 blogposts and will add them down below. I believe my blog is becoming a brief documentary of things that happen in my personal surrounding. I see things better when I write. If you read this, and if you read my thoughts, then I hope we can get better connected. I like to share. It’s healing.

Here goes!

1. About that birthday

2. About needing eachother

3.  About when it just happens

4. About a brand new journey

5. About being fearless, willing and able

6. About meeting people

7. About believing

8. About keeping it simple

9. About the teacher

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all kind words. You encourage me to write. Share thoughts. Take care and stay safe.


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