The Journey

My guitars by Henry Timisela

I am writing this just before I hit off for work. So this is going to be a quick one. I woke up an hour ago, took a shower, got an idea to put something new on my blog. And you’re reading it right now.

It has to do with starting over again.

When I broke my leg during a soccer game, more than ten years ago, I had to recover for months. Lost my job. Had to start over again. I was mad by then, but years later I took it as a lesson. Another one. I left the radiostation I was working for, to challenge myself as an entrepreneur. Had to start over again. Supported by friends and family. Met new people. They helped me on my way. Untill today, I am thankful for them backing me up ever since.

But. I’ve made mistakes. I’ve disappointed people too. And. I’ve traveled. Wondered and wandered. I’ve seen places. Left everything behind. Sold almost everything I got. Except my guitars. Came back. Had to start over again. But then it came to me. And I discovered that a beginning is only the start of a journey to another beginning.

As for today. I am not starting over again.

I have to continue my journey.

I learn.


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