Lose yourself, find yourself

This blog is mostly about a outlook on life, photography and music. I like to combine these three topics and add some positivity to it. So if you are new here, well then you know what to expect now. And if you actually are new here, welcome! And if you had a three hour sleep, just like me, I salute you… Goodmorning!

When I, for one, came home this morning, I felt good. Happy. Had a great night with friends, drinks and good music. I had something to celebrate, and I felt the urge to play some music.

But since it was not the proper time to do such, I moved myself on the couch and started thinking about the beauty of music

And I remembered I grew up with a lot of music. My mother loves to sing. My father plays guitar, violin and keys. My brother graduated from the Pop Academy, in sounddesign and plays a lot of instruments too. And I played guitar in several bands when I was a bit younger (yes, that’s me on the photo in the late nineties). My aunt is a bass-player in the all female band Super-Q from Amsterdam. And there are more examples to mention. But, I hope you’re getting the point.

Last month I told you I wanted to play cello. Well, I’ve been practising. No nonsense. So I would like to share this experience which, as far as I’m concerned, is very liberating. I’m actually learning something completely new! That’s awesome and I can’t get enough of it. I still wonder why I’m not tired yet, since I just went clubbing and slept for less than three hours. I guess the music is the driving force.

You might have noticed I’m excited about my cello and it brings balance to my mind. But I have to take care of the body too. So I wil eat some fruit now, drink water and catch some sleep. My lesson learned:

Find something where you can lose yourself. Then you will find yourself a better person.


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