Continue to grow

The Guitarlight by Henry Timisela

So, let’s start this day by saying I love life. That’s a great start isn’t it? Simple and sharp. And I wish to quote my friend The Social Connector. Right here, right now:

Life is good, but when gratitude is shown life is the best :-D.

So, I’ve been running around here and there. Busy schedule, places to go, people to meet. You don’t hear me complain, don’t get me wrong, I just enjoy this thing called life. So here’s where The Social Connector proves her point, gratitude was shown big time the other night. I couldn’t get sleep at all because of the energy it unleashed. That was just great. So, before I go out there running here and there, places to go, people to meet, I just want to share this thought with you:

When you hesitate, or are afraid to start something new, I would say: ‘just do it!‘. It is liberating and you feel much more confident. It sounds easy. So you should, because it is. It could be a small thing, like giving someone a compliment or start a blog or asking your boss for promotion. I don’t care, as long as you take control. Because:

Action defeats fear

With that being said, I have to go out right now running here and there, places to go, people to meet. And show my grattitude to them who deserve it. Because only at that point:

I will continue to grow

Think positive and share your luck.


I still love my guitar


6 responses to “Continue to grow

  1. Have to think about this quote, by Ralph Waldo Emerson:
    “All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.”
    I try to remember this when life gets a bit rougher than usual. 😉

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