Look for the glare in tough situations

Instagram Look Back by Henry Timisela

Before I step into my kitchen to cook myself a healthy delicious meal, which I will eat on my sunny balcony, I would like to write a new blogpost. Because I’m glad to welcome some new readers on this site and because I love writing. And photography. And music. So if I would start to enjoy the things that I have, then right now would be a perfect moment. I appreciate where I am, what I do and what I already have. Writing, photography and music. It’s my passion, I live for this.

When appreciating the things you already have, you start to create happiness.

I could never have imagined that I would change my workfield from making professional radio into photography and filmmaking. I feel blessed that I can work with talented professionals, while  making some beautiful work together and that’s why I’m living my dream already.

By doing the things I always wanted to do.

I guess, what helped me through some tough situations, was looking for that glare. That little ray of sunshine in the darkness. I taught myself to keep on smiling, and no matter what, to stay focussed. Funny, that’s what I tell people while speaking at community centers and in college. And it’s not even about photography. But about making things happen, eventually. While doing so, you become the glare. So stay focussed. Now this is what I do. And this is what I do best. Because I enjoy and appreciate this.

I’m still improving, and I’d rather run and chase my beliefs than to walk and look back.

Think positive.

I’m having dinner now.


2 responses to “Look for the glare in tough situations

  1. Nice to have just read your blog for the 1st time, Henry! A lot of stuff which is in your story, is new for me; are you a photographer nowadays? And did you continue working on films as well? Good luck with everything and one day we’ll have a small reunion, wether it’ll be in Tiel or Cannes 😉

    • Thank you Sabrina! Thanks for visiting my blog. And although writing you back in English instead of Dutch is even more awkward. Dus ik schrijf deze zin gewoon in het Nederlands, omdat het kan.

      And yeah, I practise photography now and it’s just great! Thank you for your kind words. How are you nowadays? Still in Amsterdam?
      Be safe,

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