Meet me halfway

Cardboardbox Legends by Henry Timisela

I  was strolling at Waterloo Square, Amsterdam. There I saw two of my childhood heroes in a cardboard box. Michael. Bruce. The King. The Boss. I sat down on a bench and flew back for a couple of months. That gave me this idea for todays blogpost. You gotta read this.

It was December 2011. Yeah. I thought I just want to do some more writing. And I started this blog. Simple. I blog once or twice a week and it feels good. Got some great comments and people reacted very awesome when I met them in real life. That’s just great. A while ago I was at a party and this dude (he seemed familiar, but he didn’t ring any bell) steps up to me and smiled: ‘Bro, I read your blog the other day about The Bigger Picture, and I just want to say, keep up the good work‘.

You can imagine I poured myself another champagne and got drunk.

Another one. This nice young lady writes me an e-mail in which she tells me she got inspired to write too. I wrote her back. She always was a bit afraid to open up her thoughts and bring them down to bloggers paradise. I wrote her back. She started with her poems and now shares her thoughts on philosophy, poetry and sex. I think she is awesome. And hot.

It’s June 2012. Yeah. I’ve been blogging for six months now.

In the meantime I celebrated my birthday, got a little bit wiser, focused on photography, enjoyed the music and most of all, I enjoyed writing. That’s the only thing why I’m doing this. I have fun. So, I would like to thank you for these past six months. You are very supportive (especially on my Facebook page) and I appreciate your comments and thoughts. It seems like we meet halfway now. June 2012, it’s a wonderful year already. Let’s try to stay well balanced.

Be your own King. Be your own Boss.

Have a nice day.


4 responses to “Meet me halfway

  1. leuk njadu je bent iemand zonder schroom je bent eerlijk daar hou ik van zeg wat je te zeggen hebt ,keep up the good work braddah
    ita ua from haarlem speaking ,aloha no

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