Lost and found

Like The Fox - selfportraitIt’s fun when you actually find something you were looking for. I don’t want to sound very philosophical today, but in a way we’re always looking for greener pastures, but that’s not the issue I would like to mention today.

This is a great day to start blogging again. Yeah, I know, I used to post on regular bases, but I guess I was too busy. But I’m proud to tell you there was a high productivity the last couple of weeks. And I found it.

Oops! I just wrote down a summary of the things I’ve done and then decided to delete the text. Yeah, you read it. I deleted it. And this is why. I like to share the things I do with you on my blog. But is it really necessary? What counts is that I do this with a lot of passion, and I can tell you: ‘I live for this’. I will inform you later on 😉

Okay, for the new friends on my blog: this is the space where my magic happens. I write about life, music, photography. Not in that particular order, but it’s the way to express myself. Leave a comment if you want to. There is more to come. Welcome. Because, I will continue writing. I was born to do this.

That’s all for now. Just wanted to let you know, I’m still alive. And always about to kick ass.

But if you really want to know what I’m up to:

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or my streetphotographytweets (in Dutch and English)

Or just throw ur thumbs up on my Facebook page 😉

In closing, thanks for all your support, comments and inspiration!


2 responses to “Lost and found

  1. Henry, welcome back. Without sounding strange I was only thinking about you about half an hour before your post arrived. I miss the positive energy from your blogs, but assumed that you were absent as you were busily creating magic somewhere.
    Keep doing everything you do, I love the great energy!

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