The Power of Positivity

This is something new I’ve never tried before. I love blogging, it offers you the possibility to share thoughts and meet other interesting people. One of them is Lou Schwarz from Australia. I love her outlook on life and especially her blog: and So I asked her to be my first guestblogger. Enjoy!

The Power of Positivity
by Lou Schwarz

Lately I have been overwhelmed by the flow on effect that comes from thinking positively.

“Overwhelmed” seems a strange word to use when this is such an obvious concept, yet lately as more doors open and more opportunities begin to present themselves to me I find myself thinking more about this concept.

Take for example Henry, who I ‘met’ through our blogs. I can’t remember who discovered the other first, the details are irrelevant. Henry is in Holland, I am in Australia, yet we share the same outlook on life, we care about the same things, we live to be positive and happy.

I can feel the effects of Henry’s positivity through his blogs reaching me from the other side of the world. I feed off his excitement for life and his passion to create and it inspires me to create more, and to achieve more and to return the positivity across the globe.

I am not sure Henry wanted me to write about him when he asked me to be a guest blogger on his site, but I mention him to reiterate my point that being a positive person puts positive energy into the air – it sends out positive magnetic forces that in our case can be felt across the world. When you feel positive, you feel alive, you then create amazing opportunities in your life, and you meet truly wonderful people.

That is a powerful thing! That is a beautiful, overwhelming thing!

Negative people will always enter your life, negative people will try to bring you down, and negative people will be threatened by your positive outlook on life. So what do you do in this situation? Be more positive and attract more positivity into your life, keep attracting more and more positive people and things into your life so you don’t even notice the negativity existing around you.

The power of positivity is such a small thing to achieve, yet the benefits are enormous.

Lou Schwarz,

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