Instant imagination


How big is your imagination? This was the first line in my journal, before I started writing this blogpost at the end of the day. I took public transport today, so I had enough time to think about a proper topic.

And because I visited my brother Joshua, it soon was clear, I had to write about imagination. Let me tell you why.

He is a painter. Abstract expressionism is his specialty. You can see some of his work on his website. I really love it. So we talked about life and art and family and so on, when it again became clear that we truly are each others opposites. And that’s just great. We complement each other. He paints colorful abstract adventures. Exciting explosions full of life. I take photographs of people. On the street. In black and white. And in a way full of life too.

That’s why I love my brother. And I’m blessed to work with this gifted piece of heaven on earth. And to answer todays question:

How big is your imagination?

I can only tell you this: ‘Just as big as you want it to be’.


Go see for yourself:

12 responses to “Instant imagination

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  3. A really great article with some very valuable points. Thank you so much for sharing.

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  5. aloha njadu Ik zag een mooi gezicht in dit schilderij het ook mooi van kleu heel warm ook ja heel mooi ben best wel trots op jullie 2
    veel liefs en suces uwa Pua

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