Have no fear


This is a picture of that time, me and my brother hitchhiked from Barcelona (Spain) to Perpignan (Southern France). The driver which full name I can not reveal, but W.M. must be enough for now, was a Polish writer who had worked for The Vatican for a very long time. Next to the drivers’ seat is me, and my brother Joshua took this photo from the back of the car. I had to think about this experience the other day. This is why.

Before we got into the car, he asked us: ‘Do you think it is a coincidence you are right here, right now?

It’s all about making the decision at the right time. No matter what you do, you have to decide eventually. So why don’t you just do. That’s why I don’t really symphatise with doubters. They suck up all your energy. And even worse, they suck up their own energy by doubting. Just do it. Nike couldn’t have said it any better. So off we went. Through the mountains of Spain to the French coast.


And that’s what I’ve learned during that trip through the South of France. This guy, the driver, happened to be a bigshot and brought us to places we could hardly imagine they would exist. And to put it in a wider perspective. I learned to just do it. Hitchhike, in this case, but to decide, in general. It brought me to places I’ve never been before. Sometimes you have to overcome your fear by action. It makes you feel alive.

I can call myself an entrepreneur for six years now and I feel blessed. Supported by the love of friends and family I managed to do the things I like. And I’m not there yet. This is the the key to create your own luck. Believe the sky is the limit, and you will achieve what many others try.

Share the luck. Stay positive. Have no fear.


4 responses to “Have no fear

  1. The sky and beyond.. After your words the only think going through my mind is to dance 🙂

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