Ideas shape the course of history


A photo from the archives. This one is from almost ten years ago. Along with my friends, we were working on our own local magazine, which at a certain time was being spread nationally. We felt the need to change… ehm, the world. To flip da scrip, so to say. The story of this team of angry young men, would perfectly fit in a coming of age-movie. With lots of action. As a matter of fact, I already started writing about it the other day.

It gave me great insights

It was a great time, I had a lot of fun and learned a lot. There lies the roots of the person I am today. No, I am not afraid nor am I ashamed for the things I’ve done. I am proud I was part of that team. We stood for something and believed in a higher plan. As for today… The dedication and determination only grew bigger. To say that I’m wiser now, well I hope so. But my actions would speak for themselves. I let you be the judge of that.

As you can see on this photo, above all historical icons is a paper with the text: ‘Revolt’. And in a way, I think that hasn’t changed for me. It only appears in a different shape. To say that I’ve changed now, well I hope so. But I do know that I’m a changemaker. And with dedication and determination, we can make things happen.

It’s all good.


My Dutchies, read this one about the movement.

* I would like to thank my consultant at the Museum Maluku for bringing this photo and article to my attention.

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