Flashback future

This is the 9th month in the life of this blog. I’ve been sharing my thoughts throughout this site and I really enjoy this. The writings take me from a comfort zone up to the next level. So in a way, I learn by writing. Nine months… yeah, I know what you’re thinking. It’s time for a baby huh? Well, something new is coming up. That’s for sure.

Currently I’m working on a documentary called #VS12, which as we speak, is in production. Together with my brother Joshua, I find it very awesome to meet all these interesting people. And it also brought us some new perspectives. Because that is what happens when you create. You discover, invent and re-invent. On that note, we discovered some great footage. And it gave me a flashback to the past. And put me directly back to the future.

I love writing ever since I was a little Henry. I found poems at age six, diaries at age fifteen and complete stories at age twenty-three. Yeah, I don’t want to brag, but I have to: I’m kind of a big deal when it comes to writing (wink wink). So I will continue doing this, because this is what I love. And people have been asking me why I don’t write in Dutch, for it is my native language. I will. Right now. I’m excited. Here are the 10 Dutch tales. Because after 9 comes… Exactly.



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