The power of an inner smile


When I was a student, I worked at a callcenter. Rule number one, so I’ve learned, was: ‘Smile when you dial’. People could hear, so they told me, my smile through the phone. I indeed had some great conversations and even a better ammount of closed deals.

And funny enough, that didn’t amazed me.

Somehow I always knew that a smile could open doors. I believe I learned this from my mother. She has a beautiful and honest smile. When she read me my bedtime stories, she did it with a smile. When she taught me how to ride a bike, she did it with a smile. When I came home from school with some bad grades, she seriously whooped my behind. True. When she welcomed my first girlfriend at our house… Well, you know the deal. Her smile opens up my heart, and I try to smile ever since.

Even now. When times are rough. When the road gets bumpy. Even when all rays of sunshine are lost without a trace. I still find the power to connect with the inner smile. With my mother. Who I love deeply.

Mama Selly, beta sayang ose.


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