Connecting the dots


Ambon, Maluku. My mother was born and raised up in here. Went to college in here. Worked as a nurse at the military hospital in here. Her family lives here. She married my father and left for Holland. At age 23. Gave birth to me and my brother Joshua. Although I came back to Ambon several times, I felt this time was more important. On a mission. I hardly met any of my mothers family, but instead, I’ve seen and I became part of a new Ambon youth generation.

Who want the best for themselves, for Ambon, for Maluku.

To work on a program that is aimed to rebuild generations and shifting paradigms, I feel blessed. The Ambon Jazz Plus Festival is more than a music event, it’s a program. I believe the real stars, the real celebrities are the ones who are behind the scenes, trying to find their way in the near future. But not only that team. I met young people who are using modern technology and social media, to prevent riots. The so called ‘Peace Provocators’. I met young people in a improvised radiostudio, preparing a broadcast. I met young people of the AmbonFest organisation who are building a creative community in Maluku. Photographers, painters, poets, musicians and many more are invited to contribute at this festival, starting November 2nd.

Across the borders
In Jakarta, it didn’t stop with networking on that Maluku creative area. Top artists like Glenn Fredly, Nicky Manuputty and Barry Likumahuwa who are the top in Indonesia’s music industry find their way in contributing to rebuild Maluku. They don’t forget their roots. The same goes for Melissa Latar, who is titled Miss Pariwisata 2011 Indonesia and of Maluku origine. She initiates projects to promote the Maluku marine and everything that involves its beatiful oceans.

I would like to thank all for this experience. You all have been great. I think this is just the beginning of a worldwide network of young Moluccans with their aim to give something back to Maluku and to improve themselves. This is the bigger picture. It’s just a matter of connecting the dots.


5 responses to “Connecting the dots

  1. just finished reading your blogpost.. feeling positive and proud!! thnks for this post and i know this prediction is gonna come out.. Peace provocators.. thumbs up!!! Maluku muda.. toma terus! Maju.. let’s all connect the dots.. and aim for that bigger picture!

  2. I believe that if we meet then we will know each other, if we know each other then we will connect, and if we connect then we will be able to do something biger dan better.

    Gandong e, thank you for your time to share
    Don’t forget to give my warm regards to tante Selly

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