Actual proof


Crazy times. One day you are working somewhere while it’s 30 degrees Celsius in the shade, the other day, somewhere else, you’re freezin’ your ehm… toes off. Worser. Then comes some news about a disease that makes you kind of angry, frightened and lost. World is upside down. But then you win. Well, she wins. It’s about my mom. She’s doing great now. And she is here to stay.

She is actual proof of positivity. Love you mom.

It made me think about health, prosperity and the blessings. And to be thankful for all what you have. And to find balance. And to come clean. And to keep it real. And to care. And to work hard. And to enjoy. And to use music to ease the soul. And to find that angelfeather left behind on your desk to write the most amazing stories. Ehm. Yes. And to see photography as a lifestyle. And to be passionate about all this. And to make decisions. And to focus. And to let go. To be free.

Be healthy, create and make a move.


2 responses to “Actual proof

    • Lou, well thank you! Positive vibes right back at ya 🙂
      I was in Ambon, Indonesia, which is not so pretty far from Aus, will keep in mind to visit you when I’m around again.

      As ever.

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