You’ve got to change, to stay the same

When I write about my cello I become another person. Really? Yes, really. It seems like I feel and understand music way better. Like I said before, it was my personal discovery of 2012. It all started when I suddenly felt the consequent urge to listen to some enchanting cello music. And when I couldn’t hold it anymore, I decided to get myself one. That’s more than six months ago.

I still practise everyday, because I want to learn. And understand. And apply.

I promised to post some video’s once in a while, and I did. And here’s another one. I think I’m improving, I really like this and it gives me an awesome experience. Everytime again. It’s not like I am the next cello talent. Pfff, I wish. But still, I’m playing and loving this instrument for just more than a half year. I’m just telling you I’ve found a perfect way to express my music. For me. Even writing and photography are improving through the way I experience music. It’s almost therapeutic.

So far for music, learning, understanding and applying. Now to the part where life kicks in. While tweeting with an old colleague today, he told me that I haven’t changed. I’d like to disagree on that one. I have changed, in order to stay the same.

It’s the music.


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7 responses to “You’ve got to change, to stay the same

  1. When I was a child I started playing the recorder before I was allowed to play the piano. Learning how to play an instrument is learning about having stamina and opening up your senses. Rhythm will help you in your writing too. For years I long to play the cello, maybe I should too. It’s never too late. Success!

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