Right here


Another snapshot from life

I’ve been there where the nights were bright. Where the days were dark. I listen to music, and feel no soul. I put the same song on repeat, and everytime I hear something different. And the photographs. They look blurry, I see them sharp. Above all, I look for balance. My inspiration comes through underestimated tears and laughter. It’s still beautiful. Because it’s me. And I trust myself. I can’t let myself down. Never did, never will. I’m too big for this.

Where have I been? It’s not what it seems, but it is.

Right here. I hear silence, and I feel alive. Because it’s me. Think positive.


Photo: ‘The Dutch Light 2011, by me’

Want so see how I’m coming along with Eva?
Or you should read this story about ‘change’.


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