Parang, sharp as a knife.


This week we, my brother and I, launched the trailer of a short movie called ‘Parang’, which actually means large knife/ sword in Moluccan language. It’s a story about revenge, anger and to be careful what you wish for. The movie will be online this December. Check Twitter and Facebook for your updates. I would like to thank you for all awesome comments we already received. And we’re moving on. Still.

Preparing the shoot and working on the set with this cast and crew was another awesome experience. The actors were all excited and I am truly proud of them. We had a great time rehearsing and recording. Nothing but love. My brother writes original screenplays and is a gifted director, again I feel blessed to be working with the person who challenges me in a creative way. Every. Time. Again. We don’t always agree, as a matter of fact, we differ in a lot of opinions.

But we find ourselves and eachother in sharing that same passion. Which is: to tell a story.

However. This will not be our last short movie. There is more to come. Not so long ago, we attended an inspiring meeting to get some feedback on our work. They told us that we should stay close to ourselves. And that’s an exciting journey. The one we thought we started in 2010, by making our first motion picture, but that’s not true. This journey had been taking place a whole lot earlier. To be precisely, September 1990, the day dad bought a videocamera. He thought it was his’, but we used it more. By realising that, we understand. This is what we have to do. So. Be sharp. As a knife.

Stay tuned and find out.


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