The lights in this city

Look up and move on by Henry Timisela

Look up and move on by Henry Timisela

I took this picture  of a busy corner while I lived in New York. While working on my (street)photography and writing, I made a lot of friends. Who are pretty good in writing and photography too, actually. It’s good to know them because the other day I asked one of them to write an article for my blog. She wrote an amazing story. I am reading and reading it over and over again. It makes me happy to know I have friends in other places who will always share a special story. She is one of them. I will post her story very soon. Make sure you read it.

Now, I can’t say I don’t miss New York City, because I really do. I learned some valuable lessons over there and I had a great time. But the same goes for all other places I have been to. Yet there is still so much to see, there are so many people to meet and so much things to do. And everytime I plan a trip and travel to a certain destination, it always brings me a step closer to myself.

in company of writers @NYC

Special thanks to D, you’re the best.



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