Never go back to gray

Governors IslandI can’t imagine life before her, I cannot imagine life without her. A diamond is worth millions but if you wanna go cheap, there is a Zales around the corner. No diamond can amount to her smile, her laugh, her tears, her warmth. Priceless as they come, is as costly as she leaves. The worlds become another big bang theory. I’m feeling like I’m famous writing about her, but they don’t know what I know. Everyone is always talking about her, the way she walks, with the way she talks, the way she’s confident enough to hold herself. Oh the beauty that fills her eyes is like nothing I’ve ever seen.

Maybe I’ve been the fool that couldn’t get enough of her that I’ve taken away the one thing keeping me alive! Every night I’m talking to the moon just trying to get to her in hopes she’s there waiting for me too. I’ve walked miles and asked the youngest of people to the wrinkly and old and everyone has seen her, they’ve had their chances with her but never accomplished the truth about her. I used to know her once, long ago. She was beautiful! She made me feel alive. She made me walk through the glorious city of flashing lights and corrupted souls to the edge of waters in the hallows of the intrepid. Standing by the pier and looking out to Governors Island was when she hit me the most. Watching the sunset and feeling laughter and joy around me. It felt like the world could never go back to gray. She told me it will all be okay from there.

Then within an instant of a second, I left her and shot her down.

Shot her down to pieces and she never got up. She looked so cold and blue. I knew I just murdered the universe of my soul. The bolts of the sun were beaming down on me as if I was the only one that was left. Everything dark and the stars are burning out and the water is silencing. Funeral at its best. Now with the burden of a devastating tragedy I move along alone and crippled. Til one morning I soak myself in self doubt and remain consciousness once again! The gain of more self loathing just woke me up as if Forrest Gump got to me in my sleep. She was what I’ve waited for, for so long! But I’ve learned you can cheat her but never cheat on her, you can fear her but never be afraid of her. You can walk over her but you never should. You can free fall with her but never let her go once you catch her again!

You see ladies and gentlemen, you’ve all met her, since the moment your mother gave birth to you and the look of happiness upon her face, she was there unconditionally. She was there when you had your first crush, she was there during your first kiss. She was there when you got married, and she will continue to be there when you start a family and grow old. You can’t miss her she’s been here the whole I’ve been writing this. She’s been here since the beginning of time and the reason why time existed. She’s the reason why everything came to be, she is All You Need.

Once you find her send her my way I need to exhange a few words with her myself. But nonetheless treat her right and doubtless with no fears or worries to mock the less richer of a world filled with hate. Peace.

By Devarine Latuputty
New York City, April 2013

Also read this to find out why I asked Devarine to write a story 🙂


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