Being real: mistakes, apologies and fallbacks

20130511-172920.jpgBlogging is fun. It gives me some space to share a story. Others use music, their painting skills or they make great movies. Ofcourse there are more ways to do so. But I write. Because I love writing. For more than a year and a half I’ve been blogging about topics such as photography, music and passion. But all writing is mostly about my outlook on life.

Through blogging I get in touch with inspiring people. And I even got invited several times to speak about it in public. A friend I know who works for this fancy organisation, was looking for a motivational speaker for one of their seminars. He showed some articles to his colleagues and they were enthusiastic about it. They figured out I had to speak about positive blogging. And before I knew I was speaking on several seminars. All I had to do was to tell my story. Sounds easy, right? You might think so.

Well, it was not the first time I had to speak in public. In my career as media-professional I had lectured at several companies, highschools and universities for many times. But these sessions were different as I discovered. This time the subjects were not mass-media, cultural entrepreneurship or diversity in contemporary media. No, this was about something simple and modern such as my blogging. Positive blogging to be more precisely. I didn’t knew it even had a name. But I gave it a go. And this is what I’ve discovered.

I had no shame or whatsoever to share the dark side of the tale

I felt blessed to tell my story. All the times. With all its mistakes, apologies and fallbacks. I had no shame or whatsoever to share the dark side of the tale. Once I had passed this threshold of vulnerability, I knew I was on the right track. My public almost thought it would be another dramatic story instead of the announced positive motivational speech. It was just like my professor at the photoacademy telling me at the end of my first year: ‘Henry, your photographs are ugly. Really ugly. But they are real. So keep on’. It was probably the best advice I got during that study. And I believe my story is the same as the photos. They are not always that beautiful, but they reflect reality and they always capture an idea. I choose to live my life this way by capturing, reflecting and sharing. In the end, life is like a photograph and all real moments appear only once. Get out there and go get them.



2 responses to “Being real: mistakes, apologies and fallbacks

  1. “like”, for the way to wrote this post. really made me curios to read it from the first lines. this means you really have a very nice skill, to write. 🙂

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