Telepathy and another level

20130521-132925.jpgI’ve been publishing short stories on the internet ever since there was some kind of social media. I like to share the things I write. Sure, music and photography are also things I’m very passionate about, but still. Writing liberates me the most. Before I discovered playing guitar or my photocamera, there was a pen and a paper. And the ability to create started developing ever since.

Writing liberates me the most

Yesterday I was working on a chapter of my novel and I got goosebumps all over my body. I could not believe I wrote this particular piece. It was like these two characters came alive because I saw them both unbelievably clear. It helped that they are inspired on two friends of mine. But still. After reading the piece over and over I decided to work on a new paragraph. I should give it a rest, I thought. All of a sudden, one of these friends sends me an online message. I haven’t spoke to this person for ages! Goosebumps again. And to put the cherry on top: this morning I received another message from this other friend. ‘How have you been?’ I was utterly amazed.

I am not very familiar with telepathy, but this was a very strong example, I guess. In a way it lifts my writing and its proces to another level. I haven’t got the answers yet, and something tells me I will not get them very soon. So for now the questions are giving me more satisfaction than any answers. I will keep on writing. As if my life is depending on it.



4 responses to “Telepathy and another level

  1. Njadu het is een mooie ervaring en misschien krijg je jouw antwoorden in dromen heb je daar weleens aan gedacht dat bestaat namelijk ook
    Ik spreek nu uit ervaring sommige dingen die ik op schrijf krijg ik in dromen,wie weet jij misschien ook,sucses verder met je boek ik kijk er na uit

  2. Love the goosebumps. That is something, for your whole body to feel the story. Nice meeting a fellow writer. I just wrote on the writing process…starting with color.

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