Rebuilding Maluku starts with education

Heka Leka di MalukuEducation is the key to a stronger self‐image and creates the leaders of tomorrow. This is mainly the vision of ‘Hekaleka’, a young organisation with their focus on education of the youngest generation Moluccans. When I was in Ambon City, Maluku, I spoke to some of their members and through Internet we’ve been in touch ever since. That’s why I want to have some attention for this enthusiastic group of youngsters.

Hekaleka literally means ‘to die first, so we can live’. It is a native Moluccan saying and stands for change of culture, continuous improvement and change of organisation. As said earlier, they use education as a tool for a stronger society. Their activities exist of peer‐to‐peer programs to building educational centres and programming the workshops and lessons. For example, last year they trained new coaches/ teachers, the so‐called ‘Malessy’ to give ICT lessons. Other Hekaleka members developed training programs to introduce the discipline of psychology to the young Moluccan children. It was a great success.

For example, last year they trained new coaches/ teachers, the so‐called ‘Malessy’ to give ICT lessons

This year Hekaleka is planning to open educational centres in Siri Sori Islam (a muslim village) and in Paperu (a christian village). Both are on the island of Saparua, Maluku Tengah. The centres will contain computer labs, classrooms, a library and meeting spaces for the Malessy. The opening of the centres goes along with seminars about improvement of the children and the use of better education. As a non‐governmental organisation, Hekaleka is always looking for stakeholders to realise their projects.

Another initiative is the fundraiser event that will take place this June 15th in Jakarta. And it’s a special occasion too, because Hekaleka celebrates the 81st birthday of one of Indonesia’s icons, Supreme Court judge, bapak Jacob Elfinus Sahetapy, who is of Moluccan descent. Born on June 6th 1932 in Saparua village, Maluku, he became a leader in his discipline and a example that hard working pays off. He gave Hekaleka some food for thought by asking: ‘If you have already left Maluku, where is your focus and where are the results?’ Hekaleka replied: ‘The students of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Let us become the best in what we do, so we can help by rebuilding Maluku.’

I wish my friends at Hekaleka best of luck. Be blessed.


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