Colorful, right in your face, happy, sad, humorous and mysterious

After last years succesfull exhibition ‘My faces – Amsterdam 2012’, he’s back with some new work. I’ve been blogging about him for several times, and right now sounds like a good possibility to do it again. Because this weekend he has an exhibition at a great festival, the so called Jeker Jazz ART live 2013 in Maastricht. I’m talking about Joshua Timisela, a great painter, artist, playwriter and much more. He’s my brother. And I am proud of him.

During this festival he will perform by doing some live action painting and showing his latest work. I know his paintings and I have been following him ever since he discovered canvas, brushes and paint. His work can be described best as colorful, right in your face, happy, sad, humorous and mysterious. A total experience. Writing this makes me think about the way his work developed for the last twelve years. And that itself is already a wonderful journey. In Joshua’s work, I discover his talent to create and move you to another world. His world. I challenge you to join this experience. I believe it will exceed your expectations.

Best of luck Joshua.

Your brother.


Jeker Jazz, ART live this Sunday, June 2nd 2013


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