Surround yourself with talents

The Brothers Timisela and Nicky Manuputty - by Lesli Taihuttu

The Brothers Timisela and Nicky Manuputty – by Lesli Taihuttu

Crazy and hectic days behind me. But. I. Feel. Blessed. I feel blessed to work with all these talented people. For instance, take a look at this picture. The person in the middle is Nicky Manuputty, a succesfull saxophone player from the Netherlands. He currently lives in Jakarta, Indonesia where he performs with his solo band and he is a contributing artist for Glenn Fredly and Barry Likumahuwa, to name a few of Indonesia’s finest. He’s been living abroad for almost eight years now and all he can say is: ‘Just follow your heart and do the right thing’. We once met in Jakarta and Amsterdam. I’ve seen him perform and I really feel his passion for music. It’s awesome.

Brings me to the photographer. His name is Lesli Taihuttu. Just another example of following your heart. He is an professional. And an openminded person who likes to think out of the box. His technical skills allow him to create and capture the right moments at the right time. His ability to work close with the clients allows him to exceed any of your expectations.
And that bearded guy on the right. That’s my brother Joshua. He’s an artist. He follows his heart. In everything he does. Whether it is music (Pop Academy), sculpturing (School of Arts) or acting (he acted in 3 nationally broadcasted television movies). You should see his paintings. It’s great to be surrounded by talents.

Because that’s me in the right. This photo was taken right after the dvd-release of our (no budget) motion picture STERK. I feel blessed. It’s written all over my face. In closing, a quote from Hollywood actor Cuba Gooding Jr.:

Don’t let people disrespect you. My mom says don’t open the door to the devil. Surround yourself with positive people.

Find that thing that you love to do the most. Be the best in what you do. And surround yourself with talents. Stay positive.




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