Writing music

20131107-231453.jpgI started this blog somewhere November 2011. And I loved blogging ever since. Blogging. On daily bases. Or monthly. Writing about what’s keeping my mind occupied, gave me the liberty to design some new ideas. And those ideas eventually kept my mind occupied for many countless nights without any sleep involved. I could not imagine a world without writing, I must admit. It makes me feel alive. And it could never get me tired up.

My blogposts are basically snapshots from life. I see, I capture, I think and I write about it. And I even got fans on my blog! Thank you. Thank you. And even guestbloggers. What? Yes! I had guestbloggers on my site who shared their thoughts through their writings. They come from everywhere around the world like Turkey, Indonesia, The Netherlands, Australia and the USA. I am proud that I could offer my guestbloggers a stage to connect with other people. And again, to share their mostly positive thoughts. I must admit, it made me feel alive. I could never get tired.

I write through photography, through teaching, through learning, and most of all through music.

And there’s another thing. Writing, from my perspective, does not always concern a pencil and a paper. But you probably knew that already. Never mind. I write through photography, through teaching, through learning, and most of all through music. Yes. In the end it’s all about sharing your creative thoughts. And I am not a professional musician, (pfff, I wish) I’m not making my money out of it, but that’s not the issue right now. There are millions better than me, when it comes to playing music. I’m getting there, no worries. But I find infinite pleasure in getting behind a piano, holding my cello or picking the guitar. It makes me feel like that 16 year old boy kissing his girlfriend for the very first time. Butterflies. Ya feelin’ me?

So I need music instruments. To express myself. I disappear and become one with its sound. It helps me to perform better when the going gets tough. And the tough already gets goin’. Here lies the catch. To find energy in that one thing you love the most, you must challenge yourself. Your soul. To overcome those many obstacles. Because life starts after you leave your comfortzone. And I use music. Always did. Always will do. I’m discovering this while I’m actually writing this down. Wow.

I must admit, this makes me feel alive. I can never get tired. Let’s write!



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